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Beautiful Bucharest

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

From Bucharest airport, we had my usual "holy shit" moment of I'm driving in a foreign country on the "wrong" side of the road moment but we managed not to hit anything or drive into incoming traffic and followed the sat nav to our Airbnb in Bucharest on Strada Doamnei, right next to University Square and opposite the hospital (which looks nothing like a hospital - it is a stunning building!). We parked in the University Square car park for 50 lei (£9) per day.

The entrance to the Airbnb looked very dodgy (!) behind a graffiti adorned door next to a bakery, but inside we had a rickety lift to the sixth floor and a very lovely apartment with two bedrooms was there costing us £157 for three nights. Unfortunately, the Airbnb host had forgotten to bring us a travelcot which was a bit of an additional pain but we had our own in the car so it just involved us going back to the car park and picking up our own one. This actually sounds easy but imagine every step of the way Tiger has to go on my back! Still, I guess it's good exercise.

The apartment itself was really beautiful and just about perfect for what we were after. I did have romantic visions of sitting on the balcony but when I tried this the sound of traffic from below was just too much - still nice idea! The main thing was that it was cool with three AC units and had two bedrooms so after having attempted to black out the window with a bed cover as best I could, Tiger slept soundly in bedroom number two.

On our day one, 1st August, we went out to find the supermarket and had a spectacular projectile milk vomiting moment from Tiger whilst in the shop! She ended up having a full change clothes in supermarket aisle and people were so helpful. In the afternoon we met up with Andrei, a newspaper photographer for Le Monde who also does Airbnb experiences. His work can be seen on Instagram. Andrei was just lovely and took me around the Old City capturing our memories.

On our second day, 2nd August, we did a further supermarket visit to CarreFour and our own stride around the Old Town. It's quite curious how the city is "open" with bars and restaurant terraces open (nothing inside but then it is so hot why would you want to be inside anyway!), many people wearing masks / face coverings and clearly still huge business for any delivery apps - Glovo seemed to be a favourite here from the amount of Glovo bikes I saw!

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