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Glastonbury Tor-ing with a toddler

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Our next week-long trip (and in our new-to-us VW Golf, rather than the much loved Smart) started in Glastonbury on 20 July, where we we climbed Glastonbury Tor,a hill near Glastonbury in the English county of Somerset, topped by the roofless St Michael's Tower, a Grade I listed building. It's now looked after by the National Trust, free to visit and you can park for £5 at R J Draper and Co. At 158m the hill rises high above the Avalon Marshes and can be seen from across the county and beyond.

This place holds special memories for me as the first time I remember coming here was with Robin some 20 years ago and I remember two little boys running around at the top. They had some pretty distinctive names, and I decided these would be my son's (sons') names in the future. I then had a girl so I've not managed to use my "boy" names though so unfortunately I can't tell you what those special Glastonbury Tor names were, but special memories for sure.

Having tried a second-hand Little Life child carrier, which hurt my hips giving me burns, I am now a proud owner of a Deuter Kid Comfort Active carrier which is amazing! So I carried Tiger up which was a pretty good workout and then she ran around at the top. That evening, we picked up essentials in Tesco and bedded down in the lovely Glastonbury Premier Inn for just £29. It is on a site which has an Aldi and Tesco minutes away, and has its own Brewer's Fayre restaurant but this was still closed on our visit. Our room was lovely with a bath (wonderful for Tiger to have a bubble bath!), the bed was so comfy for me and Tiger slept in the bathroom (nice and dark!) again.

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