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High altitude at Tso Moriri Lake

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

On Friday 24 May we were all packed up and ready to go again… this time to Tso Moriri Lake. The cost for 3 days and 2 nights was 14,000 Rs (£158) and once again we had Nobu driving us!

Tso Moriri Lake is at an altitude of 4522m, so it was a fair ascent from Leh which is only 3500m. The drive was really lovely. We left at 9am and arrived around 4pm. I knew that the altitude would be a bit of a push for Tiger, but she had already been over the Khardung La twice so I thought we’d be ok and were already well acclimatised.

There is a story behind Tso Moriri too for me. Robin and I had been there before on our Pulsar 150cc motorbike and had joined forces with Graham and Grant Davis who had come up from Manali on Enfields. It was a crazy journey to Tso Moriri and I particularly remember the last bit going through sand on our little bike. So it was fabulous to be back.

We looked at a few places to stay but I can’t say the offering was great. We spent the first night at Paradise Hut which was a kind of pre-fab hut. Before going to bed we walked right down to the edge of the lake for sunset. It was pretty cold though and despite one snow suit and two sleeping bags whilst Tiger did go to sleep like normal at 8pm she woke up around 11pm and I surmised it was because of the cold as there was no other reason so for the first time ever she slept in my bed!

The next day, I decided we had to move as it had really just been too cold so we moved to Camps of Ladakh which was a bit better… more like a brick house so I felt that would be warmer and for a cost of 3000 Rs (£34). We then went for a long walk to the lake and I could really feel the altitude myself. Tiger was fine, but fairly grumpy this day which must have been down to the altitude. Our new home was definitely warmer, and had a great restaurant and impeccable service. We even got hot water bottles to take to bed and again Tiger ended up in bed with me.

On Sunday 26 May we drove back to Leh and as soon as the altitude dropped, Tiger was absolutely fine. We visited Nobu’s family home and met his wife and kids on the way back to Leh. It was great (again!) to be back as we had our first shower in three days!

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