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Home for a week!

Finally on 28 May we started our long journey back to the UK and Nobu loaded the car up and drove us to the Leh Airport. I must say it was a stunning flight over the Himalayas down to Delhi. We spent two nights in Delhi (apparently it was better to allow two nights just in case the Leh flight didn’t go one day due to weather) in our AC hotel suite at the Treebo Natraj Yes Please hotel in the Pahar Ganj area of Delhi. Side note… if you are staying here definitely book it on and it is half the price than if you just turn up. We paid just 3011 Rs plus taxes (£34 plus £4) for a lovely suite.

During our time away from Delhi the temperatures had hit 47 degrees Celsius! At the end of May it was down to 33 degrees Celsius but that is still incredibly hot so we could only go out after 6pm and just went shopping around Connaught Place and also went to the Foreigner Booking Office in New Delhi Railway Station to book our next trip to Shimla via Kalka and the toy train. But mainly time for Netflix and chilling in our suite plus catching up on all the boring jobs like banking!

On 31 May we flew home for my Gran’s funeral. We found the lounge at New Delhi Airport well worth it, around 2000 Rs (£22). Although it was a day flight with Virgin Atlantic it was largely painless - thank you Virgin! Shout out also to Chiltern Taxis for being amazing and soon we were home… tired but in one piece!

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