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Island hopping to Cozumel

On 26th January, we left Tulum to drive to Playa Del Carmen and jump straight on to the Ultramar ferry to Cozumel Island. The whole journey is about 95km and 2.5 hours, broken up of course with the ferry crossing so lots of fun. It was a relatively quick 45 minute crossing and we could sit outside as well as inside the cafe and just generally had a good, old explore of the ship.

On the island, we staying in Casa Cocoa having booked an upstairs room overlooking the courtyard and paid £71 for the two nights on Booking. It was a lovely room with AC and the courtyard was lovely. It was easy to drive to the supermarket, and we made friends with an older couple staying there.

On 27th January we headed off to the Paradise Beach Club, a short drive away, where we had a day pass (adult $64 but children 0-4 are free). It was truly wonderful with pools everywhere for Tiger to swim in. We had a peek at the sea, and a lovely lunch. We met some nice families playing too, many of whom had come off a cruise ship, including one who had a very similar name to Tiger, 'Tigris' like River Tigris. What a coincidence!

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