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Loving the Leh memories

On Saturday 11 May we arrived in Leh, and checked into a hotel in Changspa called Omasila for 2200 Rs (£25) a night. Worth noting that they quoted 3750 Rs before a harsh negotiation. It was a lovely hotel, lovely bathroom, great mountain views, and almost perfect wifi but it was a 20 minute walk into town which ultimately for us was too far, but otherwise I’d really recommend this hotel.

In total we stayed 5 nights and mainly just relaxing and waiting for news from home. I made loads of use of the wifi, did banking and watched lots of Netflix, it was great to find the government alcohol shop for red wine (!), we really enjoyed all the wonderful restaurants in Leh and I had all my salwar kameez altered for breastfeeding with buttons by the tailor. Sometimes it’s just good to decompress!

Finally we had news from home that the funeral would be 4 June so we booked our Virgin Atlantic flight home 31 May returning 10 June, so one whole week and two weekends at home. The cost was eye watering but had to be done.

Wednesday 15 May, an important day, because this is Robin Batten’s birthday, he would have been 57 but passed away in 2015. He was my partner for 13 years from age 17 to 30 (2009) and we travelled the world together for 5 years. So on 15 May we went to Leh Palace and to the Shanti Stupa and sent our love to him, particularly apt as Leh was a place I’ve been to so many, many times with Robin.

Robin Batten (1962-2015)

This time Leh had changed beyond all recognition with whole parts of it now pedestrianised and my only orientation place the Dzomsa laundry and water refill still in the same place. I walked the streets from memory trying to find our guesthouse but couldn’t find it as there has been so much building work in the last 13 years!

On a few practical notes, rather than use my washable nappies I also "treated" myself to Pampers nappies on this first trip to Leh and bought a rather cool paddling pool for 350 Rs which we used as a bath (rather than a bucket!) for Tiger. Leh has amazing pharmacies and shops, and everything from baby formula to baby food to extra luxurious Pampers are available there, and incredibly considering we were in the Himalayas not at a mark up versus UK prices.

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