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Packing our bags

Before I left home, I spent weeks planning what to pack. I think I have (almost) got it right and down to the bare minimum. Below is the extremely carefully considered list as a starting point for anyone doing a similar trip. Please bear in mind the areas we are visiting on this trip are in the Himalayas, pleasant during the day (20 degrees Celsius) and in some areas very cool at night (3 degrees Celsius).


Daypack: Deuter ACT Trail 28 SL

Backpack: Deuter Aircontact Trek 64 SL

Eagle Creek packable day pack

Cloth carrier bag

Small Kipling black handbag

Seat to Summit compression sacks x 5

Zip lock bags small/large x 20

Eagle Creek packing bags

Ergo 360 baby carrier

Fabric sling (possibly not necessary)


Eagle Creek money belt

2 debit cards

1 credit card

1 Moneycorp Explorer Mastercard

1000 USD cash

1000 Euro cash

100 GBP


Passports x 2 (including Indian 12 month multi entry visa x 2)

Child birth certificate

Flight bookings


Bradt Kashmir Guidebook Edition 1 by Sophie & Max Lovell-Hoare

Lonely Planet India (but cut down so I only have the chapters I need)

Bradt Your Child Abroad: a travel health guide Edition 2 by Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth and Dr Matthew Ellis (Note: you can only buy these second hand but there is an Edition 3 available as a Kindle ebook now available published in 2014).


Work computer Dell Latitude E5470 + charger and adapter + Aqua Quest cover

Kindle paperwhite

Elvie breast pump (2 hubs) + 2 spare bottles + spare parts

3 pin chargers with 2x USB each

2 iphones

2 Belkin powerbanks

Nationwide Bank card reader

Cables for iphone / Kindle / speaker


Nail scissors and cuticle cutters

Brush and hair ties

Dove separate shampoo + conditioner sachets (5 Rs each) bought en route



Suncream: Hawaiian Tropic 30 100ml + Nivea Kids 50 50ml

Toothbrush + toothpaste

Roll on deodorant

Mosquito repellent 50ml

Cotton buds (for baby)

Ramer baby sponges x 2 (only one needed)

Medicines: ibuprofen, paracetamol, antihistimes, Malarone, Ciprofloxicin 500, Calpol sachets + dropper, Micropur tabs (not yet used)


Surf Excel sachets (10 Rs each) bought en route

Nail brush for scrubbing

Surf Excel blue soap in soap container bought en route

Fairy liquid 100ml + Marigold sponge

Baby stuff:

Tommee Tippee bottles with lids x 2

Baby formula milk in zip lock bag

Large plastic cup (big enough to fit one bottle in to warm up)

Milton sterilising tabs x 60

Koodi pop up bassinet + Koodi blow up mattress + Koodi foot pump + Koodi sheets x 2. Note: You can’t buy the sheets separately (each mattress comes with one foot pump and one sheet). I bought 2 mattresses and in fact the first blow up mattress lasted 3 months of regular weekend / travel use at home before it broke. I would recommend buying the newest Koodi bassinet as it has had some design improvements with only two small poles. If you are using the blow up mattress then you can discard the thin mattress which comes with the Koodi bassinet.

Sleeping bags 2.5 tog x 2 (intended having two so would have one dry if other one was being washed, but in some places used both bags at same time when very cold)

Team GB (teddy)

Rattle toy (octopus)

Nappies: Tots Bots star wrap (day nappies) x 10, inserts x 10, Tots Bots bamboozle (night nappies) x 4, Tots Bots Peenut wraps (waterproof covers) x 2, emergency Pampers x 10

Wet/dry nappy bag and extra nappy bag

Basic changing mat

Cheeky Wipes x 10 in bag

Wet wipes 1 pack

Nappy cream 125ml

Nappy bags x 3 packs

Tommee Tippee grooming kit: nail clippers, nail scissors, nose blower, nail file (took out brush + comb as not needed).

Muslins x 3

Dummies x 2 (not used)

Long sleeve vests x2

Short sleeve vests x4

Baby grows /sleepsuits x4

Very lightweight dress

Dresses x2

Suits (top and leggings) x 2

Baby socks x 3

Baby tights x 3




Warm woollen onesie

Winter / very warm onesie snow suit

Bobble hat

Sun hat and sun glasses

For me:

Travel towel (could have done without it?)

Salwar kameez with dupatta (pyjama suit with scarf) x4

Long sleeved lightweight tops with buttons for breastfeeding x 2

Maternity vest tops x 2

Long sleeved warm top with zip

Trekking trousers

Blue scarf

Down jacket

Waterproof jacket


Washable breast pads

Socks x3

Thermal top and leggings

Clarks trekking sandals

Brasher hiking boots

Small make up bag


Small key Yale padlocks x 2

Big key padlock

Swiss army knife

Swiss army card

Diary + pens + sellotape

Squeezy marmite 200g


Sleep mask

Nescafe sachets 2 Rs each, sugar in zip lock bag, milk in cartons bought en route

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