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Up and over the Zoji La Pass to Kargil

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

We arrived in Kargil, having come over the Zoji La Pass at 3528m on Tuesday 7 May. I’ve been to Kargil before, quite a few times, but it was such a big, bustling place I literally recognised nothing from before.

We stayed in a lovely hotel called Hotel Jan Palace for 1500 Rs (£17) a night and of course were spoiled for choice with shopping. I dyed my hair (always a bit of a “gulp” moment – especially as it’s not the easiest thing finding red hair dye in India) but it went well… I even went back to the shop to show them and say thank you!

We also had our first taste of Ramadan which by-passed me the first day and couldn’t really work out why there was not a lot of food on offer when I had a meal all on my own at 6.30pm. The next day, it was all clear as at the moment the singing started from the Mosque, the restaurant filled up at 7.30pm with plates and plates of food as fasting finished for the day!

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