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Whit Monday in Pécs

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

The drive to Pécs on Sunday 5th June was quiet, green, flat and punctuated by my audio book accompanied by Tiger's snoring. We had booked an Airbnb for two nights for 57000 HUF (£125) right in the middle of the town, and arrived around 5.30pm. The Airbnb guy, Mark, was very helpful and met us on an electric scooter, got us parked in an underground garage which was a 100m or so away from the apartment and helped carry the bags around the corner.

What we didn't really know until we got there was that it was Whitsun and all the major supermarkets were closed both on the Sunday and the following Monday. This wasn't a major problem but I have been buying Tiger fresh (2.8%) cow's milk every and she had been going through about 1.5 litres every day so getting hold of this vital ingredient was at the forefront of my mind. It also doesn't last at all in the car due to the really high temperatures so didn't travel well. However, Mark had let us know that little shops were open and we were able to buy milk (with a bit of a hefty price tag, mind!) before heading up to bed. Ah yes, UP. The Airbnb was so lovely, but the main bedroom and bathroom were up a very steep staircase. Now, I love my mezzanines, but it did present a few challenges and I needed to make sure I didn't make too many trips up and down the stairs. Thankfully, Tiger is good at listening and understood that we always had to go up and down the stairs together. There were no mishaps but it was a very steep staircase indeed.

Our main day in Pécs was Whit Monday (6th June) and we had a lovely lie in not emerging until lunchtime. The cowboys from the previous day had definitely taken it out of us! Pécs lies halfway between the Danube to the east and the Drava river to the south on a plain sheltered from the northern winds by the Mecsek HIlls. We really enjoyed marvelling at its baroque buildings, churches and fountains. We had lunch in a restaurant and took the little land 'tourist train' (I am learning that everywhere seems to have one of these in Hungary) and hopped off at the Bobita Puppet Theatre which I had read about and hoped to take Tiger to, but of course with it being Whit Monday it was closed. Still, there was a fabulous playground there and Tiger had a great time tearing around and going down a tube slide with the other children.

When we got back we enjoyed a bit of time in our little 'fairy garden', Airbnb Mark dropped our laundry back (he had kindly taken it to the laundrette for us as I was running out of clean clothes for us!). On the Tuesday 7th, we checked out at 11am and again Mark came on his scooter and helped us to the car. All in all we really had a lovely, relaxed and sunny time in Pécs, even enjoying McDonalds (!) as we left ahead of our drive to Tihany on Lake Balaton.

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