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Cavorting in Campeche

On Friday 21st January, we checked out of the Extended Suites in Merida, and started the 108-mile drive to Campeche. This should take 2h20 but conveniently UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ruins at Uxmal was on the way almost exactly halfway (50 miles) so we headed there arriving at about 1pm.

Uxmal is another ancient Maya city of the classical period located in present-day Mexico. It is considered one of the most important archaeological sites of Maya culture and is considered one of the Maya cities most representative of the region's dominant architectural style. We did have a really good clamber around with Tiger making short work of the steps - some of them a little hairy - and which lead her to saying "I'm not scared of anything but Mummy is scared of steps!". Well, more specifically her falling off them!.

Right next door to the Uxmal ruins we stopped off at Choco Story Eco Park and Museum. It honestly was just a fantastic place to learn about the history of cacao, from its origins, distribution and worlwide uses, to how the Mayans made chocolate. Tickets were 165 MXN (about £7.20) and children under 6 are free. It even had a little playground at the exit.

From the Choco Story we carried on our journey to Campeche where we checked into an absolutely amazing Airbnb called Casa Corazon which cost £111 for 2 nights. We arrived quite late at night driving into the Old Town over cobbled streets and once we had unpacked, headed to bed. I particularly enjoyed my room which had a window overlooking the street below!

The bed was on a mezzanine and although seemed a little precarious, Tiger was very good and didn't ever go up the stairs and slept in a small room downstairs. I absolutely loved this Airbnb with a passion but it didn't all go according to plan as we managed to smear some crisps on the sheets and a few other slight mishaps, but the host Andi was very friendly and we sorted out a bit of extra payment for the slight damages and all was well.

In Campeche itself, we went out for walks in the old town with the buggy, an actual quiet coffee and lunch (whilst she slept - glorious!), to the supermarket, and along the seafront where the highlight was the miniature police cars!

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