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Chilling in Chitzen Itza

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

After our pitstop in Valladolid, on Wednesday 19th January, we packed up and drove the 45 minutes to Chitzen Itza. I had planned to leave super early but we ended up leaving at 9am and arriving at around 10am, which still was not too bad for the heat although there was a short queue to get tickets. The drive was super easy, as was getting in through the entry gate to park and so on.

There is a rather large push for guides (and sun hat salesmen!) which we politely declined. It's a stunning sight of course but by chasing a (now!) 3 year old around we didn't really get much of a chance to soak in the history of the place. Nevertheless, there will be times in the future when I hope I can take Tiger again and watch the sun rise there.

From Chitzen Itza we then drove onwards to Merida (1h 30 minutes), where we stayed again the Travelodge-esque Extended Suites Merida Siglo XXI for a simply bargain price of 1399 pesos (£52) for two nights on It really wasn't that inspiring a place to stay, and it was literally identical to the one in Cancun (including the closed swimming pool!) but it was big, clean, had free parking, we made use of the washing machine and dryers (50 pesos /£2 a wash/dry which you really need with a toddler) and it was right next to an enormous supermarket so thumbs up for convenience if not atmosphere!

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