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Life's a beach

On 20th January, we woke up in the Extended Suites Merida and I drove into the Old Town of Merida. I had no problems parking in a local car park where I got a ticket and paid upon our return. We were still battling with jet lag and almost as soon as I had parked in Merida Old Town, Tiger was straight in the buggy and fast asleep so I had some chilled time just pushing her around. I had some wonderful memories of Merida from backpacking there in 2006, but although it was lovely, it seemed smaller somehow.

In the afternoon, almost on a whim (as I'd expected to stay in Merida the whole day) I drove out to Progreso which was only 30 minutes drive away and we were able to walk along the white sand and dip our toes in the sea. Now that was very special, almost as special as the McDonald's meal we had before bed!!

One point I had not mentioned yet was nappies. Back at home, we had almost finished with nappies except for bedtime but what with all the driving I was still not confident of avoiding accidents so for this trip, I kept Tiger in nappies/pull ups. We managed to pick up some 'Frozen' nappies in the Merida supermarket which were a massive hit with her!

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