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Packing for Beautiful Bangladesh

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Below is the new and revised packing list for our one month trip to Bangladesh, which includes one week in India.

A few lessons learnt from India….

- No cloth nappies only Pampers bought en route in Bangladesh itself.

- No breast pumps as baby 7 months upon departure and I had basically stopped pumping.

- No travel towel (all hotels gave me towels).

- I now realise I went a bit over the top in terms of baby clothes especially with warm clothes, hats, tights and socks (temperature around 28 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius in Bangladesh in September) but not too much of a problem as her clothes pack down very small.

- I myself went with one change of clothes and bought new Salwar Kameez when I arrived.

- Only took one pair of sandals, no hiking boots and didn’t miss them. Could well have given the socks a miss too.

- I also topped up with small sized washbag stuff and medicines upon arrival.

- I also panicked it was the monsoon and took a raincoat and umbrella, rarely used and not needed.

- Upgraded to next size Koodi bed but without the blow up mattress part. We used the thin mattress without a sheet with no problems (the blow up mattress only gets holes eventually and the pump is just another thing to carry).

- As baby now weaning, bought as much baby food as I could carry and stashed it in Dhaka.


Cloth carrier bag

Small black handbag

Zip lock bags small/large x 20

Eagle Creek packing bags


2 debit cards

1 credit card

502 USD cash (Bangladesh visa on arrival is 51 USD hence the single dollar bills)

200 Euro cash

200 GBP cash


Passports x 2 (including Indian 12 month multi entry visa x 2 and Bangladesh single entry 30 day visa x 2)

Driving license

Child birth certificate

Flight bookings



Work computer Dell Latitude E5470 + charger and adapter + Aqua Quest cover

Kindle paperwhite

2 iphones

4 Belkin powerbanks

Nationwide Bank card reader

Cables for iphone / Kindle / speaker

Baby clothes:

2 hats (not needed)

2 cardigans (not needed)

4 tights (not needed)

4 socks (not needed)

1 corduroy trousers

2 corduroy dresses

5 short vests

3 long sleeved vests

2 lightweight leggings

3 long sleeved tops

1 short sleeved blouse

2 party dresses (probably overkill on too many dresses, bought additional en route)

4 normal dresses

3 extremely lightweight dresses

4 long sleeved sleepsuits

1 top and knickers set

3 muslins

Baby stuff:

Baby sleeping bags 2.5 tog x 2

One pack Pampers size 4

Wet wipes x 3

Changing mat

Toys: Team GB (cuddly toy), Farm Tails crinkly book, Nuby teething necklace, teething toy

For teething: Calpol with dropper as well as sachets, Ashton & Parsons teething powders, Junior Bonjela

Medicines: Baby vapor rub small, De-rash Zinc Oxide BP nappy rash cream (50 taka bought en route)

Boots weaning bowl and spoon for baby rice / porridge

Silicon bib

Tommee Tippee bottles x 2

Milton sterilising tablets x 30

Tommee Tippee baby care kit with snot sucker, baby scissors, thermometer, nail clippers, dropper for Calpol

Baby food:

Baby formula milk in zip lock bag

Baby rice x 3

Baby porridge x 3

Ella’s Kitchen pouches x 50 approx. (red/purple/green/yellow smoothies and vegetable pouches for 4+ months)

My clothes:

Salwar Kameez x 5

Long sleeved top

Hiking trousers

Clarks sandals

Socks x 3

Knickers x 7

Bras x 2

Breastfeeding vest top

Down jacket (not needed)

Rohan raincoat (not needed)

Rohan umbrella (rarely used)

Make up bag:



Blusher + brush


Lipsticks x 2


Lip salve

Wash bag:

Contact lenses for 30 days

Small brush and hair ties

Roll on deodorant

Nivea sun cream factor 50 small

Small 25g Dove soap

John Frieda Frizz Ease Glossing Mist

Garnier Men Acno Fight Face Wash small


Colgate tooth paste small

Vaseline small 25ml



Gillette razor

Cotton buds (for baby)

Medications: Beconase, Ciprofloxicin, Paracetamol, Nebanol antibiotic powder


Surf Excel sachets bought en route

Nail brush for scrubbing

Fairy liquid 100ml + Marigold sponge


Jack Daniels whisky decanted (Bangladesh is a dry country!)

Small key Yale padlocks x 2

Big key padlock

Diary + pens + sellotape

Squeezy marmite 200g


Sleep mask

Sewing kit

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